One application that runs on all platforms; Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, OSX, but also via the webbrowser? That is the golden grail of app development. Is that even possible or are we entering the realm of fantasy? Is trying to implement such an application the same bringing a gold ring to a vulcano?

Turns out it is not even close as difficult as climbing a volcano! By using JavaFX and the ResponsiveLayout class (which I’ve added to JFXtras) a time registration application was converted from an old style applet to a cross platform app. Turns out there are some interesting differences between a responsive layout in a web browser and for an application; an application does not have a vertical scrollbar after all.

Presented the application, used techniques, alternatives and learned lessons as a conference session on both JFall 2017, several JUGs and the 2018 JavaOne.

Desktop layout
Phone layout
Title slide
Original applet
In a browser